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UBNT NanoBridge M2 dan M5

NanoBridge M combines Ubiquiti’s Innerfeed and AirMax (MIMO TDMA Protocol) technologies to create a simple, yet extremely powerful and robust wireless unit capable of 100+Mbps real outdoor throughput and up to 30km+ range.

The low cost, hi-performance, and robust “all-in-one” design of NanoBridge M make it extremely versatile and ideal in several different applications

NANO BRIDGE M2 18db 200mw              Rp. 755.000

NANO BRIDGE M5 22db(NB-5G 22)          Rp. 755.000
NANO BRIDGE M5 25dB(NB-5G 25)          Rp. 890.000

Software pendukung Networking

Berikut ini adalah link dari software yang biasa kita gunakan dalam mengatur dan mensetting jaringan :
OS Ubuntu 10.04
OS Ubuntu 11.04
Software Putty.exe
Sofware Winscp
Software Winbox-2.2.18.exe
Mikrotik OS Komplit
Software Teamviewer
Software Browser : Mozilla  Opera  Safari  Chrome
Aplikasi Airlink UBNT


Kami menawarkan jasa setting dan instalasi jaringan untuk keperluan hotspot, kantor, gedung, warnet/Game Online, RT/RW NET, Koneksi Wireless, Pengadan Tower Hotspot / Point to Point / Point to Multi Point, serta setting jaringan lainnya. 
Dengan harga yang berani bersaing, kami berusaha dengan sebaik mungkin melayani segala kebutuhan jaringan anda.
Jasa setting yang kami tawarkan antara lain:

A. Setting  Mikrotik Router
  • 1. Seting Mikrotik standart ( 1 ISP )
  • 2. Seting Load Balancing / Multi Gateway
  • 3. Hotspot Wifi
  • 4. Firewall Mikrotik
  • 5. Bandwidth Management
  • 6. VPN 
  • 7. DHCP-Server
  • 8. Policy Routing, dll
B. Setting SQUID 
  • 1. Menggunakan OS Linux / Ubuntu Server
  • 2. Menggunakan Aplikasi Squid Proxy Server
  • 3. Instalasi dan Tunning Proxy Squid
  • 4. Optimalisasi patching, update, web cache, blocking content dll
C. Setting Web Server. Mail Server, File Server, Database Server 
D. Setting Layanan HOTSPOT / CAFE / RTRW NET
E. Setting Point To Point Wireless
F. Pengadaan Tower Triangle

Untuk informasi dan penjelasan yang lebih lengkap silahkan langsung hubungi kami 

UBNT Airgrid M2 dan M5

Robust and Simple Product Design

Can be oriented to use either vertical or horizontal polarization. Mechanical design provides complete weatherproof performance. Activity and signal strength LED' s provided for installers. Enhanced RF and Ethernet ESD/ Surge protection enables prolonged operation in harshest environments.

Breakthrough Wireless Performance, AirMax and AirControl Support

100+ Mbps of real outdoor throughput and up to 30km+ range. AirGrid products utilize Ubiquiti' s revolutionary AirMax™ TDMA protocol enabling scalable, carrier-class PtMP network performance. Additionally, AirControl™ application allows operators to centrally manage 100' s of devices.

Breakthrough Wireless Performance, AirMax and AirControl Support
Processor Specs Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400MHz
Memory Information 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
Networking Interface 1 X 10/ 100 BASE-TX ( Cat. 5, RJ-45) Ethernet Interface

Passive Power over Ethernet ( pairs 4, 5+ ; 7, 8 return)
Operating Temperature -30C to 75C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Condensing
Mounting Kit Pole Mounting Kit included
Max Power Consumption 3.0 Watts
Power Supply 5V USB+ POE Adapter Included
Weight 0.2kg ( feed) , .65kg( mount) , .8kg ( 11x14 " reflector) , 1.9kg ( 17x24 " reflector)
Enclosure Characteristics Outdoor UV Stabalized Plastic

AIRGRID M2 16DBI, 100MW ...... Rp. 505.000
AIRGRID M2 20DBI, 100MW ...... Rp. 610.000
AIRGRID M5 23DBI, 350MW ...... Rp. 575.000
AIRGRID M5 27DBI, 350MW ...... Rp. 660.000

Adaptor 24V / 2A desktop

Input 100 - 240 Vac 1.3A
Output DC 24V / 2A model desktop
cocok untuk mikrotik routerboard, Access Point, dll
Garansi, Harga Rp. 95.000 /pc
Quantity nego

Paket Ekonomis Outdoor Hotpsot

Paket terdiri dari
  • Antena Omni Kenbotong/IPCOM 15db
  • Access Point Bullet M2 HP + Adaptor + POE
  • Routerboard Mikrotik RB750
  • Cable UTP AMP Cat 5e 25 meter
  • Setting Hotspot / Wifi (include user-manager billing, bandwidth management, firewall)
  • Setting Login page, setting paket prabayar dan setting member unlimitted
  • Garansi perangkat 1 tahun, garansi setting 1 bulan
  • Harga paket Rp. 2.100.000,- (belum termasuk biaya kirim)
Dengan paket diatas, User tinggal meyiapkan pipa / tower, perangkat sudah siap digunakan dan beroperasi sebagai hotspot / wifi internet akses. Lama pengerjaan maksimum 3 hari kerja setelah pembayaran lunas diterima.


PicoStation2, PicoStation2HP, PicoStation5

Tiny and Powerful
The smallest outdoor AP in the world is also the most powerful. With up to 1000mW of output power, the PicoStation family of outdoor WiFi AP's can provide unprecedented range coverage.

Unlimited Applications
In addition to the LSDK support, PicoStation ships with 32MB RAM and 8MB Flash to encourage developers to customize Pico Firmware to create their own applications such as Hot-Zone deployments, mesh networking, and metering applications.


PicoStation2       Rp.560.000
PicoStation2HP   Rp.765.000

Bullet M2 HP

Ubiquiti Bullet M2 HP: 802.11b/g/N 600mW Indoor/Outdoor CPE
2.4GHz Hi Power 802.11N Outdoor Radio System 100Mbps+ of REAL TCP/IP Throughput over outdoor multi-km links
  • Incredibly tiny form factor
  • No radio card / host board issues
  • No RF cable quality concerns
  • No mechanical stability concerns
  • No enclosure mounting requirements
  • No power supply or POE injector included. Purchase one of these: 15V POE Kit, 18V POE Kit or 12VDC Lighter PoE Kit
Just Plug and Go!
Featuring Powerful AirOS Software and Linux SDK:
Bullet ships standard with the powerful and intuitive AirOS by Ubiquiti Networks. It also is supported by a Linux SDK to encourage open source development.
Reliable System Performance:
The Bullet features a signal strength LED meter for antenna alignment, a low-loss integrated N-type Male jack RF connector, and a quick and robust weatherproof design.
  • High Performance 802.11b/g/N radio architecture
  • Adjustable Channel support (5/10/20 MHz)
  • Works with any suitable antenna
  • Ubiquiti AirOS software
  • External status LEDs
  • Power over Ethernet
  • 29 dBm / 800mW +/- 1dB 802.11b/g Atheros chipset
  • MIPS 24KC, 400MHz
  • 32MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
  • 1 x 10/100 Base-TX (Cat.5, RJ-45) Ethernet Interface
  • FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
  • Integrated N Male connector
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 7 Watts
  • Dimensions: 15.2 cm x 3.1 cm x 3.7 cm
  • Weight: 0.18 kg
  • Enclosure: Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
  • Power Rating: upto 24V
  • Max. Power Consumption: 7 Watts
  • Power Method: Passive PoE (pairs 4,5+; 7.8 return)
  • Operating Temp: -40C to +80C
  • Shock and Vibration: ETSI300-019-1.4
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes

Harga Rp. 640.000
Harga Rp. 740.000 (include POE+Adaptor 24V/1A)
Harga Rp. 750.000 (include POE+Adaptor 15V/4A)